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Because the truth is that NO ONE can buy from someone they haven't seen.
They have to know you to buy from you and they have to see you to know you.
How do they see you, then?


So it's time to take a deep breath, and get visible.

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The Content Download

This exercise and spreadsheet is AWESOME for finding content ideas. You've probably seen it in a FB group presentation, because this tool will help you come up with 2000 (!) content ideas for social media in just 10 minutes!

Best Tools for Leveraging Content

That's right, I break down all the tools I use in my business and to create thousands of pieces of content for our clients.


Content Creation Basics Guide

A fast read, showing you in a nutshell how to create or use your existing podcast, video show or other content, and turn it into quality microcontent and other content types so you spend less time thinking of things to post on social media.

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Wouldn't it be awesome to know that you're really behind all the content you're putting out - to know it's resonating with your audience and positioning you as an authority?

What would it be like to know that your content was bringing you podcast interview opportunities, messages from potential clients and MONEY IN THE BANK? Find out how we post thousands of pieces of content every month and continuously test what works.

Who is Beck Power ?

Hey, I'm Beck! I'm a digital nomad entrepreneur from New Zealand who's now based in Toronto, Canada.

I've been working in the content industry in some way or another for the last 8 years and now run an agency where we actually create and post hundreds of pieces of content for our clients! After receiving so many questions about DIY content, my team created this Academy to help YOU - small businesses, coaches, speakers and authors to create and use better content, grow. their audiences and connect with their ideal clients.


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