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That's right - you send us your content, we pull out the best bits and brand them for you. We can even post them on social media, every day if you want. More content, less work.

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What if there was a way to 50x your content without creating any more videos?

Problem: You know you should be posting more often on social media, but you’re so busy working in the business, it just hasn’t happened. You’ve even got content lying around, interviews, podcasts, trainings… but they’re not being used. Meanwhile, your social platforms are dire, as your wider audience barely remember who you are. (And you barely remember that LinkedIn even exists.) RIP, Facebook group.

Solution: We take your existing content and amplify it - creating a variety of microcontent that we post daily, using your own voice, across all your social platforms. You don’t even need to do anything differently. It’s like magic.

Take it from our clients :

Rochelle is stoked to not have to think about what to post every day to keep her audience nurtured!

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Examples of Repurposed Content We've Created for Clients:

Step 1: You Send Us Your Content

You answer some onboarding questions, drop your content into our Google Folder... Boom - you're done.

Step 2: We turn your content into 30+ pieces

That's right, we have an epic workflow that means in less than a week, we pull the golden nuggets out of your content.

Step 3: Content is approved and scheduled

You can jump in and check everything before we schedule the month - and sit back, knowing your social audience is being nurtured.

Don't Forget Step 4: Experience the Benefits of Content Repurposing

  • Save time normally spent on coming up with things to post to nurture your audience.
  • Spend more time creating longer form educational or leadership content that drives leads and sales
  • Feel the relief of knowing that your audience is being nurtured, and seeing your content every day.

What is microcontent?

  • Micro content is small pieces of content created from what you already have, that help your brand build awareness and trust.
  • We take your existing podcast, interview series, training videos (anything you want really) and turn it into microvideos, audiograms, quote cards and social posts… pulling out enough content to populate your main social channel EVERY DAY… because we’re cool like that.
  • The content we create for you is authority content - showing you off expert in your field. Our professional graphics (approved by you) also position you as a pro.
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Example Content Delivery

So here's how it works. You send us some videos (like the one below) and we turn it into a bunch of awesome, postable content. 

We turned this half-hour long episode of the Amplify Content Show into 30 pieces of microcontent. (10 videos, 10 audiograms, 10 quote cards). 

You can see examples of what yours might look and sound like below!  (With your own content and branding of course!)


We Give a FAQ

That's right, if you've got questions, we want to hear them. Email me at [email protected] if there's something missing from this page that you need an answer to.

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